Saturday, February 1, 2014

Interesting "New Yorker" Article

The January 6, 2014 "New Yorker" had an article. "The Gene Factory," by Michael Specter.  It profiles Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) a Chinese powerhouse in the biotech field.  The website of BGI proudly announces:

"-- World’s largest genome center to purchase 50 Ion Proton™ Sequencers from Life Technologies--
CARLSBAD, Calif., and Shenzhen, China, October 21, 2013 -- Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) and BGI, the world’s largest genomics center and service provider, jointly announced that BGI has purchased 38 Ion Proton™ Sequencers and plans to add at least a dozen more by the end of the year, strengthening the organization’s leadership position in the genomics industry. BGI also signed a supply and licensing agreement with Life Technologies, further enhancing BGI’s ability to perform basic, agricultural and clinical research."  
Reading further in the press release:

"Life Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: LIFE) is a global biotechnology company...[w]ith a presence in more than 180 countries, the company's portfolio of 50,000 end-to-end solutions is secured by more than 5,000 patents and licenses that span the entire biological spectrum—scientific exploration, molecular diagnostics, 21st century forensics, regenerative medicine and agricultural research. Life Technologies has approximately 10,000 employees and had sales of $3.8 billion in 2012."

That's right, 5,000 patents and licenses.

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