Friday, November 30, 2012

Certiorari Granted in Myriad Case

Reading several of the blogs
we see that certiorari has been granted by the U S Supreme Court in the Myriad case today.  The petition was limited to the issue: "Are human genes patentable?"
A decision is expected in the spring.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Patenting Life - NY Times Article

In an earlier post (June 25, 2012) we memorialized Michael Crichton, the famous author, and described his book "Next."
Crichton also famously wrote an OP-ED piece in the New York Times
The article, entitled "Patenting Life," appeared February 13, 2007 and still rings true today.
The lead: "You, or someone you love, may die because of a gene patent that never should have been granted in the first place.  Sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it's all too real."
To read the full OP-ED go to:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Supreme Court of The United States


No. 12-398
Association for Molecular Pathology, et al., Petitioners
Myriad Genetics, Inc., et al.
Docketed:October 1, 2012
Lower Ct:United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  Case Nos.:(2010-1406)
  Decision Date:August 16, 2012

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings  and  Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sep 25 2012Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due October 31, 2012)
Oct 3 2012Consent to the filing of amicus curiae briefs, in support of either party or of neither party, received from counsel for the petitioners.
Oct 24 2012Brief amici curiae of National Women's Health Network, et al filed.
Oct 26 2012Brief amicus curiae of Academics in Law, Medicine, Health Policy and Clinical Genetics filed.
Oct 30 2012Brief amicus curiae of AARP filed.
Oct 30 2012Brief amici curiae of Cancer Council Australia, et al. filed.
Oct 31 2012Brief of respondents Myriad Genetics, Inc., et al. in opposition filed.
Oct 31 2012Brief amici curiae of Kali N. Murray and Erika R. George filed.
Oct 31 2012Brief amici curiae of Canavan Foundation, et al. filed.
Oct 31 2012Brief amici curiae of American Medical Association, et al. filed.
Nov 9 2012Reply of petitioners Association for Molecular Pathology, et al. filed.
Nov 13 2012DISTRIBUTED for Conference of November 30, 2012.

37 Guests

The paper work is in for the party held October 21, 2012.  We had a total of 37 guests.  Approximately 30 books were signed.  Keep tuned for more exciting news.