Friday, February 22, 2013

ALDF Revisited

A new opportunity has arisen to overturn ALDF v Quigg, the case testing the validity of  patents on all non-human animals.
Prolume v Gentarget et outlined below:
Court : U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California
Presided by: William Q. Hayes
Civil Action No: 3:13-cv-00130-WQH-BLM
Defendant(s) :
1. Gentarget, Inc.
2. Genprice, Inc.
3. Amsbio LLC
4. BST Scientific PTE LTD
5. Gentaur Molecular Products BVBA
6. Filgen Biosciences, Inc.
7. Does 1 through 10, Inclusive
Plaintiff(s) :
Prolume, LTD. — represented by
Law Offices of Philip J Kaplan; Los Angeles, CA
Attorneys: Philip Jeremy Kaplan
Patent(s) in Suit :

Luciferases, fluorescent proteins, nucleic acids encoding the luciferases and fluorescent
by Bryan et. al.
Renilla reniformis fluorescent proteins, nucleic acids encoding the fluorescent proteins
by Bryan et. al.

The lawsuit reeks of the the "indicia of extortion."
Additionally since the patents claim animal genes (aquatic life) a defense might be the invalidity of patents for the reasons argued by ALDF against then-Commissioner Donald Quigg, supporting the Patent Office.  For details see the post on my blog: (
"Other Peoples Bodies."

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