Monday, June 25, 2012

Republicans and the ACLU

In a post on LinkedIn's Patent Law Group's discussion on Prometheus, Bay Area Patent Attorney Tom Hunter said:

Tom Hunter, J.D., Ph.D. • It took congress 15 years to pass the new patent act. -- A completely dysfunctional institution. Moreover there are a number of congressmen, particularly on the republican side, who view patents on biological materials, and personalized diagnostics to violate the public good, and to be crimes against god and nature. Honestly I'll be completely amazed if congress does anything about it. Our best hope is that the PTO and the Fed Cir will push back.

Does this suggest that if Congress takes up the issue of gene patents that there will be an alliance of liberal Democrats(i.e. ACLU types) and the Republicans to which Attorney Hunter alludes?  I invite Attorney Hunter to name the Republican congressmen he has in mind in the comments section of this blog.

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