Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Poignant Question

The following was posted on Yahoo Answers:

"How to stop gene patenting?

So in my speech class I'm supposed to give a persuasive speech. I choose stopping gene patents. I surveyed my class and most agreed that they should be stopped, so it's not persuading them to agree, but persuading them to take action.
I've been searching and searching on what we can do to stop gene patents. I've found the recent case that went to the Supreme Court (but back down to appeals) against Myriad for the breast caner/ ovarian cancer gene patent. That's still waiting a decision but there are thousands and thousand of gene patents. What can I tell my class to do to help make the government make it law not to put patents on genetic material?
I found a letter on the ACLU site, but that bill died in 2009.
Do you know of any petitions or new bills or ANYTHING!!

(if you disagree with this, that's ok. I just need something so i can pass this speech and class)"

Yes, Virginia, there is much you can do to stop gene patenting.
Here are four organizations you can contribute to which have campaigns against gene patenting:

American Civil Liberties Union (You found this one) 

Friends Of The Earth

American Anti-Vivisection Society  

International Center for Technology Assessment

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